Social Media Marketing Rochester

Social Media  +  Spark Marketing = FIREWORKS!

Numbers show that 71% of consumers who have a positive social media service experience with a brand are more likely to recommend it to others.

And 46% of social media users would unfollow a brand for posting too many promotional posts. The rise of social media has made digital marketing a lot easier for companies of all sizes, but many businesses make mistakes that prevent them from getting results they want.

If you’re a business owner who’s looking for agencies that offer social media marketing in Rochester, NY you’re reading the right article. Here are reviews of some of those services.

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Social Media Marketing Rochester NY

Let’s take a look at a few social media marketing agencies in Rochester …

1. Spark Marketing

Spark Marketing is a Rochester-based company that provides branding, sales growth, and advertising services. The company gathers a team of professionals who continually learn and evolve to help you make more money, get more traffic, and grow your brand.

Besides services such as SEO, Amazon presence, search engine marketing, and market research, Spark Marketing also provides social media marketing services.

These include the creation of social media accounts, monitoring, posting, and ensuring your business regardless of the size has a strong online presence. What makes this brand unique is that both big and small companies can seek their services due to reasonable prices.

2. Pacelli Creative

Pacelli Creative is a brand management company based in Rochester, NY. Although their primary service is design, the company goes one step further to cover development, marketing, and print as well. They design logos and entire visual presentation. Pacelli Creative performs software design that includes websites, apps, but also pay a lot of attention to ensuring your brand has a proper social media presence. While this is, without a doubt, an impressive brand it may not be of huge benefit for small businesses that are on the budget.

3. Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications is a digital marketing agency, a diverse group of talented and multi-disciplined individuals who work together to help their clients get the business success they need. The team provides strategic consulting along with branding and design services. In addition, they implement new social media campaigns, provide social media consulting services, and ensure you have ongoing support and management of your accounts. That said, corporate businesses may benefit more from their services than those that aren’t in the same category.

4. TractLeads

TractLeads is an SEO and inbound marketing agency that specializes in helping small businesses grow. The team is devoted to clients and before implementing any strategy, they identify your needs in order to customize potential solutions. TractLeads uses a traffic monitoring service to measure traffic and plan social media marketing approaches. Unfortunately, their website doesn’t get into specifics regarding social media services you can seek from them.

5. Scriptable Solutions

Scriptable Solutions is a digital marketing agency that provides first class website design and development for all types of businesses. Although the company is based in Rochester, NY they provide services to brands across the US. They provide aggressive social media management services whose goal is to maximize your online exposure. On the other hand, the company doesn’t really explain whether they post and monitor your content in the long run.


Social media marketing is vital to business’s success, but only when it is performed adequately. While many services promise they can make your online exposure better, not all of them are equal. Before you hire some company to perform this important task, take a few moments to consider the needs your business has to address, then opt for an agency that makes it happen.