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Crushing the competition with targeted SEM Ads in Rochester, NY

You either love or hate PPC (pay-per-click) management, but it has become a necessary form of advertising. With digital marketing becoming more and more complex every year it has in turn become increasingly difficult for businesses to consume information at such a fast pace.

Don’t let your business suffer from the extending gap between the variety of potential PPC strategies and your ability to act on them. Our Rochester SEM experts will help close that gap for you and prioritize the latest trends as to provide the most relevant strategy to your brand and business.

Our Rochester PPC managers will research, strategize, set up and monitor your account, reviewing every angle and making sure you don’t waste any of the capital invested in your campaigns.

SEM Rochester NY


Before we spend a dollar of your money, our account managers will learn all there is to know about your business as well as your competitors. Together, we can determine where you stand and what we will be striving for with the campaign.


Once your PPC campaign is up and running, we will closely monitor and manage your account to make sure we are reaching the desired results and optimize the ongoing campaign as needed.


Next, we lay out the strategy and create a not only compelling but also consistent message to be displayed through the campaign. Don’t think about just the right keywords to compete on, think also about the right ad messaging or website experience.


As our pay-per-click team reviews and optimizes your campaign, you will have constant updates as to its performance. You’ll know what we know and based on these reports, our team will discuss further strategies and growth opportunities.


Our Rochester SEM team will set up and build your account, from text ads and banner ads to audience targeting setup and landing pages recommendations. Retargeting campaigns and Facebook Pixels are also included in this step.

Team Work

At this point, it is time to consider adding the value that our Rochester SEO team can bring to the table. Our search engine optimization consultants make that difference for you and in conjunction with our SEM services, packs a walloping punch.

SEM in Rochester NY

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SEM & PPC to drive your sales 

As a business operating in a world that’s more digital than anything else, you may already invest heavily in search engine optimization, social media engagement, website development and maybe several other services meant to get your site in front of the right audience. So why pay for clicks too?

Why PPC?

The simple answer is: because everyone else is doing it. That excuse didn’t work in grade school, but it does work here. The bottom line is that your goal is not only to reach your audience, but also to reach it before your competitors do. If you aren’t in, you’re out. And if you are not ready to join the PPC rodeo while your biggest competitors are, then that’s just an opportunity lost.

PPC can be a very effective form of advertising for your brand and your products or services without necessarily costing you an arm and a leg. With well-thought paid search programs and digital media planning and buying services, you can make the most of this service even on a budget.

Why Us?

Our Rochester SEM managers will research, strategize, set up and monitor your account, reviewing every angle and making sure you don’t waste any of the capital invested in your campaigns.

We have experience in driving a comprehensive web marketing strategy that includes both SEO and PPC so you can see a real growth in your business. Our team will carefully craft the right strategy for your brand and build out your account to match and complement your overall digital marketing approach.