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CLIENT: Learning 4.0

BACKGROUND: Our team was hired to craft the marketing plan and all digital ventures for 2017’s 5-Star Book, “Unstoppable You: Learning 4.0”. The revolutionary book taught insights from learning psychology and a scientific approach to learning in today’s day and age.

OUR WORK: Our team worked with the publisher – ATD publications – to craft a marketing plan that fit the target audience for the book and accomplished the goals set forth by the publisher and the author. We created an entirely new website for the brand, including a digital shopping cart, integrated payment platform, a members gateway, login terminal, and designed and implemented digital ads to drive sales. KPIs for search, social media, display, and content have increased quarter over quarter. We continue to be on retainer, handling the majority of the brand’s digital needs.

STRATEGIES: SEM, Facebook Advertising, Sales Growth, Social Media