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Facebook ads are often an integral part of our clients’ digital marketing strategy. The platform is still the leading social media network registering close to 2 billion users monthly.

Implementing Facebook ads in your marketing efforts may be crucial to reaching your target customer. While beneficial, it can also be challenging, as it needs more targeting focus than any other platform.

Spark Marketing has a dedicated Rochester Facebook ads team with in-depth knowledge of what funnels and offers work better with advertising on Facebook. Your business can benefit from our knowledge and get a jump start on navigating the ins and outs of a full-blown Facebook ad campaign.

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Micro-targeted segmentation

Targeting the right audience is essential. Using basic categories may be enough for average results, but to yield excellent performance, our Rochester Facebook advertising experts will build custom audiences based on users most likely to convert and spend money on your website or service. Our micro-targeting options will help lower your costs and increase conversions, while our relentless analysis will keep abreast of Facebook’s evolving platform to make sure your campaign is always up to date.

Market Research

Our team of analysts will constantly conduct market research to determine and assess where your completion is striving, in order to improve your efforts, as well as where it’s lacking, as to take advantage of the opportunity. With Spark Marketing, you won’t get a run of the mill ads campaign, but a fast-paced, continuously evolving and supplemental marketing strategy that will increase conversion and quality traffic.


Geo-targeting is a smart tactic for every one of your digital marketing efforts and Facebook ads are no exception. This helps to focus on areas that will be most profitable for your business. While targeting the right audience is crucial, driving traffic is not the end game here. Our Rochester Facebook ads team understands the decisive stage that carries the audience from passive to engaged and that is where your landing pages come into play. We’ll make sure your pages will turn clicks into conversations as efficiently as possible.

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Facebook Ad Tactics

Spark Marketing will help you make the most of Facebook by placing the right ads in the right places as to drive user engagement and effectively target audience. Apart from targeting focus, we also keep an eye out for conversion growth, as continuing to scale and grow is as important as immediate performance improvement.

Road to Success

Facebook ads differ from any other form of paid digital marketing through the sheer size and scope of the network. At Spark Marketing, we combat the challenges of advertising on Facebook with two keys for success: relentless analysis and optimal testing.

Creating a clear, knowledgeable strategy is also key, but once your campaigns have been built and set up, it’s the follow-through that will take you to success. Our team will continuously test and analyze your campaign to ensure it’s performing most favorable as to provide the best return on investment.

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